Radio Flyer Wagon Unboxing & Build

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I’ve been wanted to get something to help moved stuff when gardening a doing stuff around the yard. There are utility carts for sale at the local hardware stores, but man, they are pretty utilitarian and quite boring. I kept thinking … Read More

Poetry: History of War

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To improve my writing skills, I decided to take creative writing class at Las Positas College here in Livermore. The class had two major parts: write a short story and write a collection of poems. During one of our class … Read More

Nettie Sylvester (1913-2013)

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On January 1st, 2013, my grandma passed away at 99 years old. Born July 7, 1913, she has lived through an extraordinary period in history. 1913 was the year Ford introduced the moving assembly line to produce the Model T and was the … Read More

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