Top 3 Projects for Livermore Rocks!: 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 13)

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Working Away

Building a website is a lot like building a shed. You have many phases during the process. That’s me in the photo working on the wall framework for our cool shed. Once I finished those, I was ready to attach them to the floor, followed by the roof, and so on. One thing leads to the next.

Building a website is just the same. You work off of plans and do one piece at a time, one phase at a time.

With Livermore Rocks!, I’m currently finishing up its phase one. Once I finish the following three pieces in the coming weeks, I’m ready to announce the site to the world.

  1. Mailing List: They say the money is in the list. I don’t want to publicly announce Livermore Rocks! until I have the newsletter setup and running. In the autoresponder world, you’ll find two major players: Aweber & MailChimp. There are other options, including free ones, but when researching you’ll find that you get what you pay for. I chose Aweber and actually just signed up for an account with them a couple of days ago. I’ll go more into my decision process in a future post. Once I get my list configured, I’ll switch into marketing mode and let everyone know about Livermore Rocks! Now that’ll be a whole new experience to learn from.
  2. Advertising: I could just put Google ads on the site, but those are really appropriate for a local site like Livermore Rocks! Plus, I want to have control and collect 100% of the revenue that I generate. To help with this, I purchased a WordPress plug-in called OIOpublisher. Once it’s configured, advertisers can log in, and actually buy ad space on your site directly. It’s pretty cool. Once I get this piece configured, that starts my back-end marketing phase. This is where I find local business who’d like to advertise on my site.
  3. Writers: While writing for the site is fun, it can quite time-consuming. My blogging goals far exceed my max typing rate of 70 words per minute. That 70 is max under testing conditions. Add lots of head scratching, wordsmithing and backspacing, and it probably drops to 20. I’d like to get other local writers for the site but I still have to look into how I want to go about this. What’s great is that I do actually have my first guest writer. He’s a great friend of mine, a private pilot, who writes reviews of restaurants he flies to from the Livermore airport. He does it for fun and wants exposure, and I just happen to be building a website that fits the bill. It’s a win win!

Those are the top 3 projects I’m working on and can’t wait to finish them up. When you complete a big step and move to the next, it builds momentum. When you build momentum, you get excited. When you get excited, well, that’s just awesome.

I like awesome! 🙂

Day 13 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

From Aug 6 through Sep 5, I’m participating in The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.  Every day, for the next 30 days, I’ll be posting about a new topic of the day about building my own online business. I’m looking forward to learning new tips and trick for my new blog, Livermore Rocks! So join me on my quest as I take on the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Enjoy  -Kirk

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