The Influence of Optimus Prime: 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 19)

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Kirk Sylvester vs. Optimus Prime
“Optimus Prime, Attack!”

I’ve always had this love for toys. I remember way back in elementary school when I’d always bring them to class. Transformers were a favorite. Unfortunately I’d often get caught playing with them in class. I vividly remember my teacher yelling, “Kirk, put that toy in your desk right now! I don’t want to see it again!”

Yeah, those were the good ol’ days.

As an adult I haven’t changed much. See that Optimus Prime in the photo. That’s mine, I admit it. I’m confident in my geekiness! Ok, wait a minute, now I’m blushing. 🙂

Today, the toys I have are a little different. Gadgets. I love them. I love computers. I love technology. I love to take things apart and see how they work; mechanical, electronic, whatever. I just love cool little things that do amazing stuff. I can’t help it. I also love to share my discovery of these cool new things with anyone who’ll listen. Not everyone is as excited about gadgets as me of course. But once a trigger topic comes up, watch out! 🙂

That love you see there, that’s passion. While I’m not a scientist, engineer or programmer, I do have quite a vast understanding of computers and technology. Not only have I held various IT roles throughout my careers, I’m the go-to tech guy of any circle I’ve been in; work friends family, you name it. I’ve got great credibility from the influence I’ve built during my entire life. Whenever someone has a tech question, someone else will say, “Go ask Kirk!”

This trait is something I’m carrying over to my business. Establishing credibility is an important part of attracting customers. It’s something naturally carries over from my personality to my business. The business reflect me, my personality, my credibility.

When I discover cool new things, I want to learn all about it. When I learn all about it, I want to share that new-found knowledge with others. I love, I learn, I teach. It’s as simple as that.

All that thanks to Optimus Prime.

Day 19 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

From Aug 6 through Sep 5, I’m participating in The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.  Every day, for the next 30 days, I’ll be posting about a new topic of the day about building my own online business. I’m looking forward to learning new tips and trick for my new blog, Livermore Rocks! So join me on my quest as I take on the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Enjoy  -Kirk

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