My Top 3 Tools for Running a Website: 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 20)

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There are tons of tools out there to run an effective and efficient online presence. Today I’m going to cover the 3 most important tools that I use for running my websites.

Let’s get right to it!


WordPress LogoWordPress has changed the web by offering a free, easy to use, customizable, scalable, extensible, content management system to the world. It’s powerful software that runs websites from the largest companies to the smallest blogs. It runs over 50% of the top 100,000 websites (infographic) if that says anything.

WordPress is what’s running this website and I love it. If you are looking to start a bog, or any website for that matter, you should definitely try it out. Go to to get started.

My Smartphone

android-logoAs you know, I love gadgets, and smartphones are one of the most awesome inventions in the world. I can access everything in my online world, anywhere in the world, without having to lug my laptop around.


How powerful is it? Check out this list of tools and apps that I use on my Android phone.

The list goes on! Having all that power at your fingertips is just way too awesome.


Floppy disksLet me start this by saying, BACK YOUR STUFF UP!!!

When you run a website, especially an online business. Your data is everything. You alone are completely responsible for backing up your site. You must redundantly backup your data. If you ever lose data, it’s your fault, no one elses… Period!

What’s great about WordPress, is that it’s easy to have automated backups by using various backup plugins. Here is a great article by Jackie Hole called “6 Top WordPress Backup Plugin Recommendations for 2013” that I highly recommend reading.

Personally I use the BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin and it works great. Every night it backs up my site to my Dropbox account. From there, it ends up on two computers which also back it up to my RAID file server. So I have 4 backups every night in 4 different locations, and I’d like to add one more offsite backup for extra warm fuzzies.

So those are the 3 most important tools I use to run my websites. What are yours? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Day 20 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

From Aug 6 through Sep 5, I’m participating in The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge.  Every day, for the next 30 days, I’ll be posting about a new topic of the day about building my own online business. I’m looking forward to learning new tips and trick for my new blog, Livermore Rocks! So join me on my quest as I take on the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Enjoy  -Kirk

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