50 Photos as the Oakland A’s Win the AL West

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Josh Reddick celebrating with section 149 in right field
The Oakland A’s are the 2013 AL West Champs!

It’s official.

The Oakland Athletics are the 2013 AL West champions!

Andrea and I went to the game today and I have to say, Oakland bats were swinging and the fans were loud. It was pretty friggin’ exciting.

Now that the west was won, those ALDS tickets I bought last week will come in pretty handy. Woo hoo! We are going to the Postseason baby!

I snapped some great shots at today’s game… so enjoy 50 photos as the Oakland Athletics win the AL West. (Continue reading for the slideshow).


  1. Darlene
    | Reply

    Wow…love the pictures. Thanks for posting. So glad that Chey and I were a part of this celebration. Gotta love the A’s players for doing their victory laps as it shows class and appreciation for the “fans”. Excited to go to the postseason games. Let’s go Oakland A’s…All the way.

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