Hello world!

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This is my very first post to the whole wide world. Actually it’s not really my first post. I’ve had this site up before but never really done anything useful with it. Now it’s time to get serious! 🙂

Actually I’ve had a static place holder like the image below for the past 10+ years (I registered my domain name back in 2000. Wow, time flies!)

Old Home Page

What is this website about you ask? Well, it’s about me of course. But don’t worry, I’m not going to be posting photos of my cats licking themselves (I’ve got 2) or time lapsed photos of our new lawn growing (we did just get new grass). I’m only going to talk about things that I think are useful and entertaining.

I’m geeky, love to travel, have an awesome girlfriend and looking forward to sharing things that I think are cool, interesting, fun, and exciting to the world.


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