A Taste of Europe: 3D Gallery

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Creating 3D photographs for my Into the Night photo exhibit was quite a fun project. With a trip to Europe planned, I thought I’d experiment a little more with anaglyphs.

My wife and I started our trip in Amsterdam, then we hopped on a train to visit friends in Germany, and her family in Austria. The 3D photos below are only a taste of our journey. To enjoy our 2D full adventure, visit AndiTheTourGuide.com, where we blog about all of our travel adventures.

For the gallery below you’ll need those red/cyan 3D glasses to get the full in-depth experience. If you don’t have a pair, you can order them on amazon.

Or heck, hit me up on my contact page and say hi. If I still have some extra 3D glasses, I’ll send you a pair for free! 🙂

Enjoy the show.


Amsterdam Museum Courtyard



Bicycles & Roses



Bicycles of Damrak



A Quiet Amsterdam Night



Streets of Bernkastel



Medieval Marketplace



Landshut Castle



Window to the Moselle



Karlsplatz U-Bahn



Hotel Pichlmayrgut

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