Into the Night Photography Exhibit

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Welcome to Into the Night, my final project for my photography certificate at Las Positas College.

The hardest part of putting on a photo show is coming up with an interesting theme. Once you have that down, then you can focus on the fun of taking cool photos. Now I didn’t want to simply hang some cool photos for people to just glance at. I wanted to entice them to spend a little more time by interacting with my work.

As you can guess from the title of this post, I chose to shoot night photography for this project. Then I split the interactive element into two parts: sound and 3D. Ten photos (left side of the gallery) included sound boxes that played an audio clip to go along with each photo. Seven photos (right side of the gallery) were 3D photographs which required the use of red/cyan 3D glasses.

Getting ready for the show took a lot of work. In addition to taking and choosing the right photos, I had to edit, print, matte and frame them. For the 3D photos, it took a little Photoshop finesse to get them to work with the red/cyan 3D glasses. For the sound photos, building the sound boxes was quite fun. Lucciana, my photography instructor was a great help during this process.

Here is a behind the scenes look:

The show lasted two weeks, but on October 12th I hosted a reception where around 40-50 people came by to check it out. Here are photos from that night thanks to my friend Danielle.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy my sound photos and 3D photos in the next two posts.

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