Fleet Week Air Show – San Francisco 2018

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It’s Fleet Week 2018 in San Francisco! I headed into the city to take some photos of the Air Show this weekend for some awesome aerial demonstrations. The Blue Angels, Team Oracle and the Patriots Jet Team were the highlights, among other flying machines.

Click the first image to start the slide show. Enjoy!

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  1. Sabine
    | Reply

    Oh WOW!!! Really cool shots! I love the ones with Alcatraz in the background.
    Where were you located with your camera – and where about was the flying display?

    • Kirk Sylvester
      | Reply

      Thanks. We were on Hyde St. Pier, right at the center of the action across. The show was between the Golden Gate and Treasure Island centered South of Alcatraz.

  2. Deborah O’Rourke
    | Reply

    Kirk – thank you for sharing! These are amazing. I was as dazzled by the artistry of your shots as by the actual acrobatics!!

  3. Cynthia
    | Reply

    These photographs of Fleet Week are amazing!

  4. Shelli
    | Reply

    Amazing!! Incredible shots!!

  5. Mike
    | Reply

    Rita Ann forwarded your link. WOW! XLNT photos! I’ve always loved the Angels since I first saw them at El Toro Marine Base at age 8 (as a Cub Scout . . . a few weeks ago)! I wish you’d have identified the make and model of the “birds” in the photos… I recognize many, but . . .
    What is that massive Blue Angels thing —  C-31?
    Who sponsors the “Patriots”?
    What are the aerobatic birdz flown by Lucas (GeorgeLucas/LucasFilms?) and Oracle?
    Keep up the good work! I’ll visit again to look at your other collections. I’m out of the country now — with a terrible WiFi connection!

  6. Sekou
    | Reply

    Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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