Into the Night: Sound Gallery

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Welcome to the Sound section of my Into the Night photo exhibit. In the show, I built sound boxes and mounted them underneath each framed photo for people to press and listen. The sounds were sampled or recorded to bring you into the picture’s environment. In the gallery below you can do the same.

In the gallery below, press play and enjoy the environment for yourself.


Cross Country


Falling from the Milky Way


International Space Station Over Livermore


Holender Sun Power


Hartford Angel


Crescent Venus of Suburbia


Pacific Sunset


Altamont Harvest Supermoon


Tune in to Sutro


Lights of Market

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  1. Diana Fredrich
    | Reply

    I love the sounds that go with the images !! And, I love that you got the full moon with the windmills ! I have often thought that would be a great photographic combination! Excellent. Look forward to seeing your exhibit at the Bankhead !

    • Kirk Sylvester
      | Reply

      Thank you! And thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy the 3D exhibit at the Bankhead.

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