A Lonely Night in the City [Video]

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For this assignment we had to take photos with music in mind. We’d then display a slideshow with the song playing in the background. So I decided to take BART to downtown San Francisco and get some night shots, which I would set to Journey’s “Lights.”

Since I was taking a videography class at the same time, I figured I make my slideshow as a video. Unfortunately my instructor wouldn’t let me turn in the video since it was above and beyond the rest of the class, so I just displayed in with a manual slideshow for the assignment.

At first I was frustrated since it was getting dark and I didn’t bring a tripod. Oops. So I rolled with it and use motion to my advantage. When I got home, I was really happy with the way the photos came out, especially light skater in front of the bus shot.

To improve my next slideshow video, I’ll have to make the lyrics font a little bigger and be sure to not repeat any of the photos.

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