The Flying Gourmet [Video]

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Jim Jellison, a great friend of mine, love to fly to various places for a meal. He’s a private pilot who flies small single engine planes – and what better excuse is there than to fly from Livermore to, say Lodi for a burger.

I’ve flown with him on many occasions. The deal is, I pay for lunch. I’m getting the better end of the deal, but he enjoys the company.

Normally I’ll bring my camera to take some aerial photos while I’m up in the clouds. Since I’m learning how to shoot movies, I figured I’d switch gears and record some video shots of his flight. My first edit is the video below.

After showing the video to one of my photography instructors, she said that I should interview Jim and turn it into a mini-documentary to make it more interesting. So Jim, Paul Gleason (a video classmate) and I went back to the Livermore Airport to record an interview. In addition to the interview, I got a ton of b-roll footage of the airport and some great shots of Jim practicing some touch-and-go’s.

The result is “The Flying Gourmet,” the video at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy it.

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