Nettie Sylvester (1913-2013)

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On January 1st, 2013, my grandma passed away at 99 years old. Born July 7, 1913, she has lived through an extraordinary period in history. 1913 was the year Ford introduced the moving assembly line to produce the Model T and was the … Read More

Let’s Go Oakland!

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Ahhh, the Oakland A’s. They did so well and were so inspirational till their last game. I was able to get tickets and attended their last two games of the playoffs. The night before when they tied the series was … Read More

We Built a Shed

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Now that spring is upon us, Andrea and I quickly realized that the weather was getting better to start on our next project… the shed. We already have a concrete pad in the back corner of our yard. It’s the … Read More

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